Here is a selection of my work, with a focus on design-related projects.

A one-stop shop for government staff to learn how to write open-data policies

I created the Open Data Policy Hub in August 2018, during my time at the Sunlight Foundation. Its purpose was to collect all of our resources related to open-data policies on a single user-friendly website, replacing resources that had been scattered across five different websites.

Home page of the Open Data Policy Hub

Workshops to teach government officials about user-centered design

I have had the opportunity to conduct workshops on user-centered design — particularly user personas and journey mapping — for government staff in several cities in the United States, as well as for a group of civic-technology organizations in Nepal.

Scene from a workshop

New base maps of Providence, RI

In 2015, I created a new set of base maps of Providence, RI to provide a staff of data analysts at ProvPlan/DataSpark with a ready template upon which they could create other maps.

Map of Providence neighborhoods